Some of my Favorite WWW sites


*NoNags Freeware and Shareware for Windows 95 and NT4
*Simtel Net file distribution network
*Windows 95 shareware and freeware
*See if my server is up now!
*Here's where Trucklog Version 1.0 for DOS is
*Here's where Trucklog Version 2.2 for Windows 3.X is
*A neat set of mouse pointers for Windows 95
*Take a look at Logcity for other Trucking information
*How many times have you head this one I just want to be friends
*Info on a neat Apple][ program I wrote
*Here's the program itself
*Starting Point check it out!
*The Morpheus Homepage nifty, neat, keen AND fun!
*Whirligig Whirl Magazine's little corner of the Web!
*Western Business Machines
*Apple][ Software from Caltech
*Busiest FTP gateway on the Internet
*C|NET as seen on TV
*Real-Time Audio on the internet
*WWW Browsers and utilities by the dozen
*Want a Web page, but don't know exactly how? check out Web Page Builder
*My favorite software site at Washington State
*Lightning Web's WWW site is here

Some Interesting World Wide Web "Starting Points":


*File Hills Internet
*Meena at Meena's Home Page
*The Old original University of Regina Home page
*The NEW & IMPROVED University of Regina Home page
*The World Wide Web started at CERN, the European physics research facility. Their documents will lead everywhere
*The NCSA Demo Document contains links to a variety of fascinating places.
*The NCSA Homepage should be checked out too!
*Scott Yanoff's Internet Resources List
*Shareware Search form at C-Net
*Shareware programs by the thousands
*Web Crawler Search at University of Washington
*Archie searches
*Lycos Search form at Carnegie Mellon
*Search and Search engines like crazy
*Links to all sorts of places

If you Have MIDI capability


*Check out this interesting diversion
*Or Urgent Dispatch Locally
*Or Urgent Dispatch on Soundclick
*Or Cubic Feat on Soundclick

(Have fun...)


Charles Davidson MacDonald

"just a hitchiker on the information superhighway"